What should I wear? Accordion Arrow

Your visit is about your relaxation and pampering, so please come in what's comfortable. We provide robes, towels, sandals, shower facilities, select toiletry items and lockers. For specific amenities at each location, ask our Guest Reservations Specialist. For a pedicure, we recommend open-toed sandals and loose pants. For your comfort and safety, we suggest you leave jewelry and valuables at home.

When should I arrive? Accordion Arrow

Please check in 20 minutes prior to the start of your appointment, so that you have time to change and start enjoying the spa environment. We offer refreshments and an aromatic foot soak or steam shower to begin your Antoine du Chez adventure.

Where will I change? Accordion Arrow

Our spas are well equipped with a luxurious dressing suite complete with lockers, restroom and vanity area. To learn about specific amenities at each location, ask our Guest Reservations Specialist.

What if I need to cancel an appointment? Accordion Arrow

These things happen! If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, we request a 24-hour notice. Guests who do not honor their appointments or cancel in less than 24 hours may be charged a cancellation fee.

What if I'm late for my appointment? Accordion Arrow

It's possible we may have to shorten or re-schedule your appointment. If your treatment is shortened, it will end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed. We hope you understand.

Can I bring alcohol to the spa? Accordion Arrow

We do not permit alcohol. Most of our massage and body treatments affect circulation and detoxification. They may intensify the harmful effects of alcohol in your system. If you have consumed alcohol within the last 12 hours, please speak with our Spa Hostess. For your safety, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Is there someone who can help me decide how to choose my treatments? Accordion Arrow

Our Guest Reservations Specialists are very knowledgeable about all of our services. They will help you select the perfect treatment.

How far in advance do I need to schedule? Accordion Arrow

Weekend services are typically reserved one to two weeks in advance for a single service, and three to five weeks in advance for package reservations. Single weekday appointments can usually be accommodated in one to two weeks while weekday package reservations require two to three weeks advance notice. As availability often varies, we are more than happy to check on any scheduling request.

What if I have special health considerations? Accordion Arrow

Please notify our Guest Reservation Specialist when reserving your appointment if you have high blood pressure, allergies or other physical ailments or if you are pregnant or have any disabilities. If you are being waxed, please let us know if you are taking any antibiotics. You will also be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to your treatment.

May I request a male or female therapist? Accordion Arrow

Yes, of course. Whether you choose a therapist of the same or opposite gender, the utmost respect for your modesty is a hallmark of our spa services. While body treatments require you to remove all of your clothing, careful draping procedures are observed at all times.

What do I wear during my treatment? Accordion Arrow

Spa robes are provided for you to wear during your visit. Massage and Body care services are enjoyed without clothing - careful draping procedures are observed at all times. Facial gowns are provided for those having skin care services.

What about my jewelry and valuables? Accordion Arrow

We recommend you leave your jewelry and watches at home. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for your valuables while you are at the spa.

Should I shave prior to my spa service? Accordion Arrow

We recommend that you do not shave before any of our exfoliating services, which may irritate freshly shaven skin. All other spa services will not be affected whether you shave or not. We recommend men shave prior to their facials.

Are children permitted in the spa? Accordion Arrow

For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, children are not permitted in our spa.

Do you allow cell phones and pagers? Accordion Arrow

In order to maintain our peaceful atmosphere, we ask guests to turn off their cell phones and pagers when visiting our spa.

What methods of payment do you accept? Accordion Arrow

Payment is made at the end of your visit at the check-out desk. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards or cash as forms of payment. Personal checks must contain an in-state address with a valid Colorado State ID. If an Antoine du Chez Gift Card is your form of payment, present it to the cashier on check-out.

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