The Importance of Hair Color and Pofessional Hair Care Products

Great hair care products are the key to keeping fabulous color and the health of the hair. Our guests look to us for the latest and most updated color trends and styles that best suits their individual desires. Each guest needs to be consulted individually so we completely understand what you are looking for in order to provide to you your desired look . The consultation involves: specific wants and needs, hair type, condition of the hair, how much upkeep will be involved and what type of profession you are in to tailor a professional look that separates you from the rest.

The L'Oreal Professional hair color is an exceptional product line that is available only in certain salons. With their ongoing support through continuing education, our staff stays up to speed on the direction of trends in the industry which allows us to stay ahead and continue to be pioneers in the market.


Hair care products play a vital part in maintaining the condition and beauty of hair color.

Kerastase is a professional hair care product line that we use in our salons and is extremely exclusive in the hair industry. Kerastase has many different types of in-salon conditioning treatments that we prescribe to our guests with a hair color or hair cutting services. Each treatment depends on individual hair type or specific issues with damage to the hair shaft. Kerastase has a wide range of professional hair care products and it is up to us as industry experts to educate our guests on certain products to use in order to maintain their hair at home. It is important that color treated hair stay protected in order to allow it to sustain a longer lasting look.

Balance the Highs with the Lows

Lowlighting, adding a client's natural color level back into the hair, has many advantages.  As a highlighted client gets lighter with repeated highlight services, she will eventually become extremely blonde which will allow her roots to show sooner.  The result of this is to either schedule your coloring services more often in order to hide the roots and maintain that vibrant color or start to add in low lights to bring back your natural color tone.  Adding lowlights back into the hair will help blend outgrowth and lengthen the time in between color services.  Lowlights add richness and dimension to blonde hair without the dramatic change of an all over darker color.  Highlights tend to flatten and dull the shine over time so shimmery lowlights and a richer, honey glaze will bring back shine and dimension.

As summer arrives and clients want to brighten up, it's best to start with richer honey blondes and gradually lighten over time as skin tone gets more color of its own.  But remember to rev up conditioning to keep blonded hair healthy and shiny.  Keep balancing the highs with the lows for beautiful dimensional blondes all year long!

Blondes on a Budget

Did you know that the average blonde spends an average of $2,500 on hair maintenance a year?  That was the figure that blonde gurus Melanie Blessant and Kim Cocozzella found after surveying blondes from across the Denver market in regards to their spending patterns on cutting, color, styling and retail products.

Cherry Creek Salon owner and lead colorist Melanie Blessant and colorist Kim Cocozzella realized that in this tough economic time there had to be a better way.   The team at Antoine Du Chez crafted a way to help slash the cost while maintaining the high standards they and their customers expect.  After much thought and collaboration “Blondes on a Budget” was born.

Under New Ownership



When Christy Fitzpatrick and Melanie Blessant bought the Cherry Creek establishment Antoine Du Chez Salon and Spa (at the same time their partners Nick Anderson and MK Bolling bought County Line and Bellevue locations) their goal was to update the look and services of the salon while remaining true to their long time clients. Having been a colorist and stylist at the salon for over 20 years before purchasing Antoine Du Chez, new owner Melanie Blessant has a strong connection and love of the salon that is evident in her commitment to all of her clients. “It was very important to me that we continue to honour our long time loyal guests yet make updates and changes that would bring them a better overall experience.”

A little over a year after they took over ownership of the salon, Christy and Melanie are over the moon to unveil the new look and feel of the salon including:

  • Exclusive new luxury manicure and pedicure room perfect for private parties
  • Addition of Todd Putman, celebrity stylists, as the Creative Director
  • Floor remodel and station redesign
  • Luxurious new treatments including: oxygenated facial treatments and ultrasound micro-dermabrasion
  • Exciting new brands added to the retail selection including Ling skincare line
  • Active community involvement in local charity events including the Pink Ribbon gala at the JW Marriott Chery Creek.

Christy and Melanie greatly enjoy getting to work with some of the finest talent in the industry and have served with immense pleasure Antoine du Chez’s valued regular guests. They absolutely love the fact that you never know just who may come in to the facility on any given day. In addition to the salon regulars, there are sports celebrities, television personalities, movie stars, governmental dignitaries, novelists, philanthropists, religious leaders, heads of large corporations and some people are who are just downright characters that light up the salon. Christy and Melanie believe it is a wonderful thing to have an opportunity to make people feel and look good every day!

How to Get a Hair Color You Love

What is the best way to get hair color you love?  Good communication with your colorist!

In order to get the colorist and client on the same page, it helps to understand a few key words we use to describe color: Dimension, Richness, Depth and Tone.

Dimension simply means having a variety or colors in the hair.

Richness and Depth refer to adding warmth and darkness to hair.  Adding richness and dimension will bring life back to hair that appears monotone and drab.

Tone refers to the various shades of hair color that you prefer which compliment your skin tone and eye color.  For example; gold, copper, auburn and mahogany are warm tones that complement ivory and beige skin as well as enhance green, hazel and brown eyes.  Ash and beige tones are cool or matte which help neutralize reddish complexions and bring out the best in blue eyes.

Previous hair treatments and the condition of your hair determine the type of products and formulas a colorist will use to help predict the outcome of your color.  Your colorist needs to know if you personally have previously colored your hair.  They would like to know what products and about how long ago it has been. 

One final tip … Bring pictures  as it is a huge help in understanding what look you would like – colorists and stylists love and appreciate that.

Now that you have an understanding of the terms we use to describe hair color, you are on your way to getting the most beautiful, healthy looking color possible!!

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